Egyptian Sterling  Silver Cartouches


Solid -Double Side Cartouche

   Available Sizes :

  • Small Size (1-3 letters)

  • Medium Size (4-5 letters)

  • Large Size (6-7 letters)

  • X-Large Size (8-9 letters)

  • U-Large Size (10-11 letters)


Solid-Double side Silver Cartouche

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Solid -Double Side Sterling Silver Cartouche:

Select Size of Your Cartouche

Write Name To Go On Side 1

Select  language :

Write Name To Go On Side 2

Select  language :


1.Add Silver Egyptian  Symbol to side 1:

 Select where :





2.Add Silver Egyptian  Symbol to side 2:

 Select where :




3. Add Silver Chain:



We use the Hieroglyphic alphabetic and symbols version that appears in our website click here and we recommend you check it before placing your order as it is binding.




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*  Write the two names you want to print on the sides of cartouche and Language (English or Hieroglyphic ) in "special requests" box which appears when you click on the order link.



The posted photos represent samples of our wide collection. All the items are hand made by different talented artisans, so design and dimensions may vary according to available stock. But each piece is a top quality artwork showing the special touch of its artisan.




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