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Alternative Medicine and Quackery

By: Libidus man


I often peruse many alternative health web sites in hope of finding suitable content for the readers of the Libidus Blog - an alternative health web site that addresses ED issues - http://www.buylibidus.org/libidus-blog. I don't have to search very long; the 'net is littered with alternative health sites, particularly those that appeal to one's sexual desires, wishes, and fantasies.

Now, many of us hold our intelligence in high esteem; we seem to believe that quackery, in all shapes and forms, is evident, and that we would never be suckered by the professional copy writers that are today's Snake Oil salespeople.

Perhaps you may also think that Snake Oil is not selling well these days. However, one need not look far to find that Snake Oil is indeed selling well. It is no longer called Snake Oil, however. Today's Snake Oils are those sexual enhancement products that promise an aphrodisiac-like experience.

Yes, indeed, quackery is alive and well and you've probably been a victim to it at one time or another.

But, just how does one spot quackery, you may be asking? With a little practice, it is quite easy. Whenever you visit a web site, look for the following marketing devices, and these devices apply equally to any web site looking to convert readers to sales.

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First, look at the font size. Quacks tend to use larger than normal font sizes to grab one's attention. I call them "In your face fonts." Anything above 14 qualifies as a larger than normal font. However, that is very conservative. One usually sees anywhere from 16 to 28 font sizes. The title is almost always in your face.

Second, look at the font colors. Quacks love to use primary colors interdispersed within their sales copy to emphasize key sales points. Font colors are often used in tandem with in your face font sizes to grab reader's attention. Also, primary colors are used in entire tables for added emphasis.

Third, here's one that many readers miss: exclamation points. Where would quackery be without the almighty exclamation point?!!!?

Fourth, proof of claims made in the copy designed to diminish reader doubt. They usually go something like this: "Have all these 'claims' about (Snake Oil) triggered off your B.S. alarm? I don't blame you. Unless I didn't have a pulse, I'd be extremely skeptical too! So let me go ahead and show you some actual 'testimonials' for this product."

Fifth, Length of the copy. Products that are difficult to convert to sales often have very lengthy sales copy. Indeed, whenever I see this type of copy, I click away ASAP.

Sixth, buy now, or you'll regret it sales messages. Here's but one example: "Caution: But you better hurry, because at the rate the (Snake Oil) is selling right now, I can't allow too many people to get it for long. In fact, I'm going to revise this in the next 4 days. If you don't get your Snake Oil today, you might lose out."

Seventh, price justification. Quacks absolutely adhere to this one. They justify prices by making statements such as: "Remember, you get what you pay for. If you're not serious about improving your sex life, then Snake Oil is not for you. $167 truly is a steal, as Snake Oil really does pay for itself in money saved at the doctor's office."

Finally, bogus testimonials. Again, quacks always include testimonials. These testimonials are aways in the same from: "I don't have any sexual problem but have always dreamt of doing it longer. Last night, I went on for an hour! Whoaaaa!"

Chris Y., 38 years old

In short, today's Snake Oil salespeople use the same devices to convert readers to sales. I find it sad that these people prey on one's sense of hope to make a few dollars, and I suppose that is why I have written this article.

Note that what sells is not the quality of the product, but the marketing behind the product. Influence peddling has meanings other than its political connotations. These products influence buyers who experience pain and the promise of relief. To the incurable, they market hope. To the nutrition conscious, they market sustainablity and ego. To a public concerned about pollution, they market "buy natural." To the majority, they market better health and longetivity.

I hope readers find this article worthy of their time, and that they put it to use when ever they begin searching for any alternative health product. I'm always open to questions and comments via the Libidus Blog, should readers have any.

Al - http://www.buylibidus.org

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com


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