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Body Itch and Its Natural Home Remedy

By: Dr John Anne


Someone writes: I am suffering from body itch; the disease has become more troublesome after a temporary relief. I have taken to salt less diet and eat only bread, tomatoes, green gram and milk. Can any drugs help?

Itch is a skin disease caused by impure blood. The best way to purify the blood is to ensure that you void your stools and pass urine in adequate quantities and also perspire so that poisonous humours are expelled from the body. Take an enema daily to clear your bowels, take as much water as you can and spend some time in covering your body with a cold bandage. What your should do in this: spread four blankets on a hard bed or on the floor. Take a cotton bed sheet, dip it in cold water and wring it lightly. Spread the wet sheet over the blankets. Take off your cloths and lie down on the sheet, covering your body with it. Wrap the blankets over your one by one. Within half an hour to an hour you will perspire profusely. Drink some hot water before you wrap yourself in the wet sheet and the process of perspiration will he hastened. After an hour take a cloth bath. Take this treatment thrice in a week. On alternate days, rub your skin with your palms after wetting them with cold water. The pores will open and all the harmful humours will be expelled from the body.

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A salt free diet is the best for itch; you can resume salt after you are cured. Take tomatoes and green gram for lunch and bread and green vegetables for dinner. In case green gram is not available, eat germinated gram.

Itching skin may be covered with a light paste of coconut oil and lime juice. That will destroy the germs that cause the itch. Keep away from members of the family, as itch is contagious.

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